Niall Horan has commented on a girl's photo and it has his fans going wild!

who is niall horan dating december 2016-19

Click through to see everyone the Irish heartthrob has been rumored to be dating, then let us know if you're surprised by any of the girls in the comments below. They are still in touch and get on really well," they said.

Thalia Heffernan Niall and Irish model Thalia first became romantically linked after one of the band's shows at Croke Park.

The singer was flown out to Los Angeles via business class and put up in the swanky Four Seasons hotel by his boss - only to then receive a 'dressing down' for his alcohol-fuelled antics and be told Simon was left 'disappointed' with him.

..Zayn Malik has spoken in incredible detail about the pitfalls associated with his Islamic faith - in particular the time he was 'detained for three hours' after arriving in the States for the first time.

Back in the early days, he played Cupid and introduced his boy to a cute girl he knew through friends.

Céline Helene Vandycke caused a Twitter storm last night, resulting in her receiving death threats and the whole fandom being VERY confused, when a photo of her getting cozy with ANOTHER MAN appeared on Instagram!He shared a photo from the hospital five weeks ago holding Ruby with the caption: "Got to meet little Ruby Winston today .. Just been told my plus one Ruby isn't old enough to come. He is about to turn one and there has not been a single Freddie plus 1D photo. Do you think Niall is the sweetest friend in the world? Out of all the One Direction guys, Niall Horan seems to be the most secretive when it comes to his love life.We're a little sceptical about "jul" being in lower case...3.There's a lot of talk that the account's actually fake... This "revelation" has led to many speculating that the boys' management company, Modest, paid Céline to be Niall's GF in public - and the resulting backlash of #Celine Exposed Modest Party was almost as big as the Taylor vs. Just last week, we were jumping for joy that Irish heartthrob Niall Horan had FINALLY settled down with a girlfriend - a public first for the One Direction star.