As with Seinfeld, which David co-created, the subject matter in Curb Your Enthusiasm often involves the minutiae of American daily social life, and plots often revolve around Larry David's many faux pas and his problems with certain social conventions and expectations, as well as his annoyance with other people's behavior.The character has a hard time letting such annoyances go unexpressed, which often leads him into awkward situations.

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Of course, for Cazzie’s character Remi, she takes it to the extreme.

When Remi and her friends hit up a party, Remi insists they take a photo.

A CBS staff announcer, whom King met by chance, suggested he go to Florida which was a growing media market with openings for inexperienced broadcasters.

King went to Miami, and after initial setbacks, he got his first job in radio.

Her acting clashed with her costars’ — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

“Seinfeld” star Jason Alexander has revealed in an interview that the hit sitcom’s cast decided to kill off his character’s unbearable fiancée because she was “f- -king impossible” to work with.

“It’s a satchel.” “No,” David insisted, “it’s a purse. “It would be a purse if you ever had to carry it to a car.” Not finished with the subject of personal carriers, David moved on to discussing the backpack on wheels he now takes with him when he travels and his policy of always checking bags on airplanes, so he won’t have to lift a bag into an overhead bin (a movement he pantomimed dismissively, as if it revealed its own deficiency).

There’s stuff in there that’s purse-y.” “It has a long strap,” Wilson countered. It was a recent Thursday afternoon, and David, Wilson, and the rest of the cast were rehearsing Fish in the Dark, David’s debut as both playwright and, excepting fifth- and eighth-grade turns in school plays, stage actor.

Larry David regarded a brown leather messenger bag on the floor of a studio above West 42nd Street and announced, to no one in particular: “I never had a purse before in my life.