The best part is finding someone you can laugh with, have a blast with, enjoy relaxing days together…but also have intellectual, serious and silly conversations with. We are a lot alike; we have the same moral values, and we completely trust one another with our secrets and dreams in life.

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When we came out and made it public, we had only been with one another a short amount of time, so how silly would it be if we told people and then broke up?!

But I knew in a short time of knowing him [that] he is such a genuine, kind, honest guy, who has poured his soul out to me; has told me all his secrets [and] life lessons.

Storms said Barash told her that she needed to “get some help for this,” referring to her severe depression.

Storms said she was in the middle of a breakdown, but you don’t realize it when you’re in the midst of it.

Now, on the other side of her nervous breakdown and most recent battle with severe depression, Kirsten vows that she’s going to “live a better life now.” Storms also said she sought treatment to set a better example for Harper, her daughter with Brandon Barash.

When her weight plummeted to 85 pounds because she wasn’t taking care of herself, Storms said she didn’t want her daughter to think that her low weight “was the norm” or have any body issues.

, that’s when Storms dropped a juicy tidbit about her personal life.

A couple of months back, Kirsten shared on Instagram a couple of photos of her with a mystery guy and another with friend Zach Webb.

They will be co-parenting to the best of their abilities to give Harper a healthy environment as she grows up.