A young high school girl, Liz Parker, is shot by a stray bullet at her family's restaurant, yet is healed by a secretive student that goes to her school.This student turns out to be an alien/human hybrid...who, as it so happens, has fallen in love with Liz.

Once we have a good grasp on what they are all about, our creative minds go to work.

We produce everything from 30 second commercials, one to five minute segments, full 30 minute shows, weekly game shows, as well as multi-platform marketing that clients can use on air and online.

Hussein has reminded ICT stakeholders attending the annual World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) of the positive strides technology has helped Posts make in including more of the world's citizens.

The deadline for designated operators to submit their 2017 Online Solution for Carbon Analysis and Reporting (OSCAR) questionnaire is 14 July 2017.

A nice "interstellar love story" ensues..that appealed, at first, to both high-school drama and sci-fi fan bases. Jonathan Frakes, best known as "Commander Riker" on Star Trek TNG, is one of the executive producers.

David Nutter, who has worked on episodes of The X-Files, is producer.

I eventually realized that I had happened upon the first episode of Legend, a show on the then-new broadcast network, UPN (which no longer exists).

Because our college was located in the mountains of North Carolina, we didn't have enough local TV stations for UPN to have its own channel. If it hadn't been for that chance encounter, I might never have gotten attached to UPN's far-too-short-lived show.

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Fifteen years ago today, on April 18, 1995, Richard Dean Anderson made his first appearance as a lead actor in a television series since the end of Mac Gyver, playing Ernest Pratt, the lead character in Legend. She decided to turn on the TV while I mused over proper sentence structure. Before she could change the channel, however, I noticed something: "That's Q!