Studio Wildcard have confirmed that a new PC patch is being released today.

ARK Survival Evolved Ragnarok was announced during E3 by Studio Wildcard and is already available to play on PC.

It’s the first mod to be integrated into ARK as part of the ARK Sponsored Mods Program, and will be launched on every platform.

Finally the need to replace files have come to an end! Well, if you're reading this as the first sentence from the whole thread, I'm feeling very sad that you didn't even read my text and watch the graphics after all my effort poured into it.

The Nokia PC Suite is a simple program that can help you to transfer all of your contacts and other details from your Nokia mobile phone, to your computer.

When running on a computer with less than the recommended specification, the software may not run as well or as fluidly as it is supposed to.

Note that the performance will vary depending on the number of fixtures patched and the number of running playbacks.It is not possible to install two different versions of Titan software at the same time for example, if Titan Mobile v5.0 is installed, it is not possible to install Titan One v6.1 without also upgrading Titan Mobile to v6.1.It is not possible to install older versions of Titan software if later versions are already installed.Nokia once led the way in mobile communication, they were one of the first companies to release a mobile phone and for many years they were the best, but then the big names got in on the act (Blackberry, Apple, Samsung) and these days not many people have a Nokia phone.There is even an emerging generation of people who have never even heard of Nokia which, considering just how much of an impact they had on the world, is astonishing.The Nokia PC Suite works on both new and old Nokia phones and it can work across a number of PC platforms as well.