Reviving a tired washroom needn't require a total overhaul.

updating an older bathroom-79

If you have an older bathroom you consider out-of-date, here are a few tricks to help you spruce it up without renovating.

Note: The following images are for illustration purposes only and may not reflect actual period installations. Update the fixtures Usually a pedestal sink will still be in good shape after decades of use, but a leaky faucet and out-of-date sconces will need to be replaced.

We recently updated our Master Bathroom by making a few simple changes.

I have shared a few of the changes in some past posts as it is a work in progress.

We spent only a few dollars to make some highly visible changes that made a big impact.

So what are these cheap upgrades you can do yourself to make your house look so much better?

We simply purchased a couple of the finial wood accents at Lowe’s who had a pretty good selection with different styles and sizes. A lot cheaper than those expensive custom cabinets.

We removed the screws because we did not want to screw them in.

Unfortunately, our faded old mailbox made a terrible first impression with its wasp nests in the newspaper slot, battle scars from having trellis nailed to it, and being overgrown with vines over the years.