Hanks' Donovan is a straight-shooting guy who believes in the constitution of the United States and wants to do right, legally speaking, by his client Rudolf (Mark Rylance in a fine, subtle supporting role), and doesn't really care per-say what he's done or didn't do.

This doesn't fly well in a society that is overrun with Red-Scare fever and end up doing the worst of things when in total fear of things (i.e.

New security laws have alarmed Western governments amid a renewed crackdown on dissent in a country where state secrecy rules are notoriously broad.

As part of the security campaign, cartoon posters entitled "Dangerous Love" have also begun appearing around Beijing, warning people to be aware when dating foreigners.

(more...) Bargain breaks to Romantic Cities - Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, etc...

Three gorgeous female convicts are paroled from prison to work for an unnamed federal agency.

He actually did lead the Queen's York Rangers in the war, and went on to found the city of York which would later become Toronto.

See more ยป It usually takes me couple of episodes to decide if the story will be good or not.

Unbeknowst to them, they aren't trained to be spies, they're trained to be decoys(sitting ducks)! Hanged upside-down when Emmett Hume(Chase) explained to the people that they're Americans.

The first part was funny when they fail to perform the appendectomy to a patient.

After being fast-tracked through training they are parachuted into Pakistan where all manner of adventures await them.