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Republishing updating book what steps video

You cannot change the trim size or paper type as your ISBN is associated with this.

So, if your book is 6x9, color on white paper, that's what it will always be.

If you refined your data using Data Wrangling before you originally imported it, the same process is applied to the data when you republish it.

For example, if you changed a text column to all uppercase, the same text column will be displayed as uppercase in the republished data.

You can ensure that Visual Insight (VI) dashboards, documents, and reports created using imported data contain the most recent information available by republishing the Intelligent Cube that contains the imported data. For example, your dataset contains sales information for your department.

Your data source is updated every quarter with sales information for the most recent quarter.

For example, your dataset contains accumulated cost information for your department, while your external data source contains cost information for the most recent month only.

You can add cost information for the most recent month to your dataset, without deleting the information for previous months, by adding new data.

If the data source contains updates to the data already in your dataset, you can update the existing data and add new data.

You can also replace all the data in your dataset with the data from the data source.

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