A few weeks ago, I spent an evening flirting with a super-cute bartender in Brooklyn.After many generous Gruner refills, we added each other on Instagram.

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Flirting is a bit of an art form, and a lot of it is simply confidence and being willing to strike up a conversation.

Watching How He Acts Around You Observing How He Acts Around Others Asking Him Outright Community Q&A Sometimes guys can be confusing as to whether they might like you or if they have a girlfriend.

When I got home later that night—his number written on a cocktail napkin in my purse—I checked my Instagram to find that Mr. As in, he had taken the time to scroll back through at least most of my 850 photos and "liked" a handful of my finest work—or more accurately, my finest selfies.

So I did what any interested girl would do and scrolled through his feed, too.

It’s good to find out if the guy you’re crushing on is taken or not.

But it’s also important to find out if the guy you’ve been casually dating has a girlfriend that you don’t know about.

Despite my occasional frustration with the market, I've thus far consciously avoided the world of has become my main social media outlet—life's most attractive, clever, silly moments cropped and filtered.

And whether intentional or not, it's a landmine for engaging with the opposite sex.

While I only offered one Deep Like in return, I enjoyed the window into my new prospect.

By the time we went on our first date a few days later, I already knew he enjoyed sailing, camping, and motorcycles.

For months now, a stone had been sitting on my heart.