It’s a no-budget thrill-ride that’s low on tech and high on life.In this week’s episode, Liz is joined by Shane from (also known as Kate Moennig)! AE reader dannicanada has kindly transcribed the episode for our hearing impaired readers.

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And if that weren’t exciting enough, episode 2 of the new season has one of her longtime favorite special celesbian guests, Kate Moennig. Liz Feldman shared an exclusive sneak peak of tomorrow’s episode just for After Ellen readers.

Feldman is perhaps best known for her lesbian-themed vlog on, entitled This Just Out, which ran from May 2008 until July 2009; 3 extra episodes Oct/Nov 2010.

A new Season also debuted in March 2015 on You Tube.

She was a writer on the Emmy Award-winning team of television's The Ellen De Generes Show.

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