Instead she calls him a ‘w****r’ which is hardly the sort of language you’d expect from a lady like Bo who, as the Earl of Cardigan’s daughter, actually has Lady Catherine Anna Brudenell-Bruce stamped on her passport.But Danny, The Script’s chisel-chinned front man, didn’t exactly behave like a gentleman either.Plants of the commonly named buttercup family grow in many different variations but most can be identified by their yellow cupped flowers and free-growing habit.

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Some other plants and people are named buttercup, based on the name of the yellow wild flower.

In 1916, an elderly man went around a field painting all the buttercups blue.

Each country perform its time change according to the Daylight Saving Time rules on a different day of the year, which can or not match with the beginning of the summer.

She walked away unharmed thanks to a man who jumped in to save her.

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His split from Ros affected Bo so badly that she was cautioned for criminal damage in 2010 after slashing his car tyres and denting it with a pole.

Today all she’ll say of her father is, ‘I’ve blotted most of it out because I can’t bear to talk about it.’ It seems Dad was an anti-establishment eccentric who made her life a misery.

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