It’s also the webloid we corrected when it falsely reported that Tran was dating basketball star Klay Thompson and, at another time, a man they best described as “an Asian dude.” Much like those stories, the latest tale linking her to Future is 100 percent wrong.

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They’re certainly not the first app to offer a video platform, but as of now they’re the first of the massive dating apps to take on this particular beast.

(Bumble did announce a plan to launch of disappearing, 10-second videos earlier this year, but thus far it hasn’t actually materialized.) While video has fast taken over the rest of the internet — and social media, in particular — dating apps have been slow to come on board.

It’s also a really good way to get a sense of how someone strings together their thoughts. It’s a lot to ask of a minute-long clip, but in the high stakes numbers game that is online dating, this is exactly the kind of sorting tool many people are hungry for.

There’s no doubt that moving into video is a big gamble for Match.

BWC Mailing Third Billion Back Rebate Checks This Month BWC Administrator/CEO Sarah Morrison is hitting the road this month to remind employers their “Third Billion Back” rebate checks are on the way. Morrison made stops at the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce and Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce on July 6.

She will make more stops around the state throughout July to remind employers to be on the lookout for their checks.

The late studio sessions brought the two together, and a spark popped off.

According to our snitches, the HOMIE Future is really into Nicki.

for free.” Although Media Fake Out thinks Future wearing Tran’s designs is a smoking gun, it attempts to further bolster its claim they’re couple by pointing out that more than two hours after the rapper posted the pictures, Brown tweeted, “[Expletive] You.” Brown, however, did not direct the curse at Future, despite the site’s misguided premise.

The junior sleuths at MTO then note that Tran recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram laying in bed, with the caption “Wicked,” which the webloid gleefully reports, “Happens to be one of Future’s songs.” Yeah, and it’s also the name of a Broadway musical. In any event, the untrustworthy blog says those random tidbits is all they “need to believe that something is going on between them two.” Then, after congratulating Tran for “landing herself one of the biggest rappers in the game,” the webloid tastelessly writes that they “hope she uses birth control,” because Future is “fertile.” Of course, Media Take Out is the same outlet that Gossip Cop exclusively busted a handful of times when it wrongly claimed Tran was pregnant with Brown’s baby.

Eligible employers will receive checks that total 66 percent of their premiums for the policy year that ended June 30, 2016 (calendar year 2015 for public employers).