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The year 2017 will see larger mobile advertising budgets and increased focus on interactive and dynamic advertising employing augmented reality to provide more immersive ad formats, compelling users to spend more time with the brand, willingly.

Online videos will continue to rule, with shorter being better.

A new website needs to sign up subscribers, and that can be difficult, unless you take a few short cuts…

Starting from the dating consumer viewpoint, (let’s call him Neo for grins) someone who seemed to be a potential date sent a message that in order to meet, Neo had to verify for their safety. For this investigation, I will use Safe and Single – – a Get Verified Scam, part of the Safe and Single family.

Another trend rising in popularity this year will be influencer marketing because nothing sells a product better than an affable social media personality recommending it.

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2016 was an amazing year for mobile advertising & marketing, but the industry never slows down.

It’s time to start thinking about how the industry’s going to change in 2017, Q1 of 2017 is already gone, but still there are lot of buzz happening around on trends, strategies, methods & insights on mobile advertising space.

The ad looked like the perfect set-up for a Cloverdale, Indiana, man: He could earn good money working at home while caring for his three children and sick wife.