If you’re not going to ironically type “lawl,” then “lol” is just right. Additional -10 for being so transparent about wanting to keep his weekend free.

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Many women talk about wanting a well-groomed, clean, handsome man who takes care of himself and his body, and I believe attracting this type of guy starts within.

If you are looking to attract a man who cares for himself and his body, you should care about yourself and your body.

It could be a sign of trouble if your partner: Bottom line: Trust your judgment.

Hartwell-Walker suggests keeping your own personal deal-breaker list to five things that are non-negotiable for you, and leave it at that.

If they lost a chunk of their assets in a divorce, they will avoid women who are financially deficient.

Dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan wrote an interesting article: “The 3 Biggest Dating Deal Breakers For Those Over 50.” She says that more than 75 percent of Our dating site membership participated in the recent survey and they considered the following “deal breakers” when considering whether or not to date someone: Lack of vitality: Men and women over 50, who are newly single, often feel like they have been given a second chance at finding love and they want a relationship that offers romance, meaningful communication and shared activities.You also will notice you naturally feel better when you look your best, leading to increased inner confidence around men.Once in a relationship, it is easy to put less effort into your own hygiene or become lazy about how you look.But don’t use a long list of deal-breakers as an excuse to keep people away.“No one is going to be perfect.” On the other hand, she adds, “Don’t go into any relationship thinking you’re going to reform them.” You won’t.Los Angeles, like Chicago or New York, is a city that has the power to permanently alter your state of mind no matter how hard you resist. Some of these are intellectually and logistically concrete. An Angeleno who claims they’re “not flaky” is almost as absurd as one who claims they’ll “eventually move back home” to whatever flyover state they came here from. We are a town of Bumble/Tinder/The League/Hinge profiles that read, “This is super harsh, but like, don’t contact me if you live east of the 405. no offense.” If love is going to find a way in this town, it’s not going to be via any of its highways or major arteries. 😜” (-40, coffee is noncommittal in both time and effort, which is annoying. *There is, of course, a major caveat to this list: it all goes out the window when applied to a person we really like.