(When introduced in the 1932 storyline, Nancy was sixteen, but it could be assumed that Ned was not greatly older, but possibly three to four years).Aside from being a good student, Ned also plays for three of his school's varsity teams - basketball, baseball, and football.

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He first appears in The Clue in the Diary, the seventh volume in the series.

Ned is described as a handsome and athletic young man who stands six feet and two inches tall, with dark brown hair with brown eyes.

In this interesting drama, three sequences which could have formed separate stories are linked together, like cars on a train, to give a larger perspective on the nature of reality and film... tracks how one man's creative frustration bore a need to make the perfect horror film. While there she witnesses a brutal murder, and must first escape ...

Stanley Farmer was rejected universally by the film world. See full summary » For the third time, HBO cameras go inside Trenton State Maximum Security Prison--and inside the mind of one of the most prolific killers in U. See full summary » THE WEEK is the story of Dick Romans - a washed up TV host whose wife leaves him the day before their week-long ten year anniversary celebration in wine country. See full summary » "If you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul." - Drew Barrymore.

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But that doesn't stop Brian and his film school pals from doing everything they can think of to convince Barrymore to go out with him - and documenting their quest along the way.