Using this method at Chauvet Cave revealed that the entrance was closed by a series of rockfalls occurring between 29 400 and 21 500 years ago, suggesting that the cave painting could not have been made after this time.See also Ritual use of raptor claws by Neanderthals, 90 000 - 40 000 years ago, 20 000 year old stone huts from Kharaneh in Eastern Jordan, Neanderthals using red ochre at least 200 000 years ago and Rock Carving on the Gower Peninsula; Britain's oldest art?Drinking water chlorination destroys most waterborne pathogens, including , the bacteria inadvertently introduced by UN peacekeepers after an earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010. Laine noted that community involvement in maintaining chlorinators and purchasing chlorine tablets through a “chlorine bank” is key to developing a sustainable system of safe drinking water provision.

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T., 2001, An Improved Approach to Calculating Low-Energy Cosmic-Ray Neutron Fluxes Near the Fluxes Near the Land/Atmosphere Interface, Chemical Geology 175, 689-701.

I., 1991, Cosmogenic Chlorine-36 Production Rates in Terrestrial Rocks, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 105, 94-109.

The title is still true - The Dating Pool Needs Chlorine.

Low levels of chlorine in tap water used for bathing can almost double the risk of bladder cancer, a study claims.

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The risk is caused by chemical by-products called THMs which are produced when chlorine is added to water.

Researchers found that those living in areas with high-chlorine content water, who bathed in it regularly, were 83 per cent more likely to get a tumour than those in low-chlorine areas.

Chlorine is used in many cleaning products as well for disinfecting pool and drinking water.