The magnetic anomalies are also symmetrical either side of the mid ocean ridges.The discovery of magnetic anomalies was crucial evidence for sea floor spreading.

A similar group of metamorphic rocks occurs to the North of the Great Glenn Fault (a strike-slip fault) and is called the Moinian Series.

The rocks were originally shales, limestones, diabase sills, and basalts that had been emplaced in the Precambrian to early Cambrian.

France denies currently having chemical weapons, ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) in 1995, and acceded to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) in 1984.

France had also ratified the Geneva Protocol in 1926. French Professor Frederic Joliot-Curie, High Commissioner for Atomic Energy, told the New York Herald Tribune that the 1945 "Report on atomic Energy for Military Purposes" in 1945 wrongfully omitted the contributions of French scientists.

The Ross of Mull granite complex was emplaced near the western margin of the Orthotectonic Caledonides of Scotland in early–mid-Silurian times.

Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility reflects the post-tectonic character of the pluton and contrasts with magnetic fabrics in adjoining country rocks which record the regional D3 deformation.

A short-term reversal of this trend is identified during the earlier part of Silurian times so that mid–late Silurian poles are located in a similar position to late Ordovician poles.

The overall path coincides with the contemporaneous record from the Paratectonic Caledonides of England and Wales from . It is therefore concluded that the three-plate model of the Caledonides (incorporating the collision of Laurentia and Baltica in mid-Ordovician times to produce the Orthotectonic Caledonides, and the closure of the Iapetus Ocean between Baltica–Laurentia and Avalonia in late Ordovician times to produce the Paratectonic Caledonides) was unified prior to the oldest magnetizations preserved in the Orthotectonic Caledonides.

Thought by some geologists to rise beneath hot spots causing doming up of the crust.