, Error:'1292', SQL:"INSERT INTO poller_time (poller_id, pid, start_time, end_time) VALUES (0, 4044, NOW(), '0000-00-00 ')' * Install cacti-spine on a wily system with mysql-server installed. hit "Ok", log in with admin/admin credentials and provide a new admin password).Now navigate to the settings item, select the poller tab and change the field "The poller type to use.[Test Case] [ Verify issue ] * Install cacti on a xenial system with mysql-server installed, and see it fails during the population of the database via dbconfig-common.

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I have just taken over a Cacti server and am having a nightmare moving from 5 minute polls to 1 minute polls.

So far, I have changed the data template along with the Step (from 300 down to 60) and Heartbeat (from 600 down to 120), and I have also changed the cron job from */5 to */1, and finally, under settings, I have changed the Poller Interval to every minute and cron interval to every minute.

From my understanding, editing the Data Template does not affect existing RRDs, it simply sets the ones that will be created in the future - and, so, I think the errors are because the RRD files only have steps for 5 minute steps by default instead of the 60 I need.

The most important thing is that existing data is not lost, but, it can be archived if merging is not possible - I have so far attempted to create a second cacti server in order to migrate the existing data (then set them all to disabled), but, this doesn't seem to be working well as I haven't found a good way to import existing RRDs on mass.

I have been spending the past two weeks on this without getting very far and I need some expert help!

I was just wondering if anyone has done this before and can offer any advice/what I should be doing in order to migrate over? Note that it is best to make all these four changes without any existing devices/data/graphs (i.e.* Install cacti on a wily system with mysql-server installed. hit "Ok", log in with admin/admin credentials and provide a new admin password).Then upgrade to xenial and see that every five minutes a line like the following is added to the /var/log/log file: 05/13/2016 PM - CMDPHP: Poller[0] ERROR: A DB Exec Failed!UPDATE: I am revisiting this article as it is a few years old now.Currently working through updated steps on Ubuntu 16.04LTS.Stay on course, it will be over soon and you will be able to create graphs for different devices very quickly.